Pipedrive Pricing – How Much Does Pipedrive Cost?

When it comes to choosing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, one of the most important factors to consider is pricing. Pipedrive is a popular CRM solution that offers a range of features to help businesses manage their sales processes effectively. However, understanding the pricing structure of Pipedrive is vital in determining whether it aligns with your budget and business needs. In this article, we will explore the various pricing plans offered by Pipedrive and provide an overview of their features, helping you make an informed decision about the cost of implementing Pipedrive for your business.

Pipedrive pricing start at $14.90 per user per month, billed annually. More feature-heavy plans cost $24.90, $49.90, and $99 per user per month as well. A free 14-day trial is available, although Pipedrive does not have a permanent free plan.

These prices make Pipedrive CRM a relatively inexpensive solution, although you do need to pay extra to get some standard features. Still, Pipedrive is easy to use and offers some great security options for your business, to make sure you don’t end up with a security breach.

Read on to see what features each of those Pipedrive pricing plans has to offer, as well as to see what alternative CRMs have to offer.

Pipedrive Pricing Plans

Pipedrive offers four plans, each of which includes all the features of the previous plan while adding a host of additional features and benefits. Here’s what separates each plan from the others:

The Pipedrive pricing plans are designed to grow as your company grows, so starting with the Essential plan and moving up to the Advanced and Professional options is likely the best way to get the most value out of each plan.

You can keep scrolling to see the more complete list of features available with each plan or click on the plan names listed here to jump to the one you want to learn more about.

Pipedrive Essential Plan

  • Custom pipelines
  • Data import/export
  • Basic meeting scheduler
  • Contacts map
  • Sales Assistant AI
  • API access
  • 2 sets of user permissions
  • Native mobile Android and iOS apps
  • Automatic call logging
  • Apps marketplace with 150+ integrations

The Essential plan costs $14.90 per user per month when billed annually, which rises to $15 when billed monthly.

Essential offers deal management tools that give users the customizable pipeline stages, ownership, communications and history for each lead. Fields can be customized, deal alerts can be set, and data can be imported, exported, and merged. An email inbox will automatically tie emails to the correct deal and contact, although you won’t get most email features until the Advanced plan. Users do get a Sales Assistant AI, which will comb through the user’s past performance to suggest what areas to focus on in the future.

You’ll get a few core integrations bundled into the plan, including contact and calendar sync with Google and Microsoft, Google Drive sync, and a Chrome extension for Gmail. Support across all plans includes access to the Pipedrive Developer Center, an online help center, 24/7 customer support via chat, an apps marketplace with over 150 integrations, and support for 16 languages.

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Security is basic (two-factor authentication and AES-256 encryption is covered, but SSO is not), and the features aren’t designed for large teams, as there are no tools to split users up by role or sub-group. This is a plan best for small workplaces that need the essentials for managing their leads.

Pipedrive: Organization view

Pipedrive Advanced Plan

  • Products catalog
  • Custom email templates and signatures
  • Web-to-mobile calls
  • SSO (single sign-on) login
  • Smart contact data
  • 30 workflow automations

Pipedrive’s Advanced plan costs $24.90 per user per month when billed annually, and $29 per month billed monthly.

This plan dramatically expands the features that help businesses track communications: It adds two-way company email sync, custom email templates, merge fields, the ability to track email opens, clicks and document opens, autofill templates and offline docs, and integrations with OneDrive and Google Drive. You’ll also get increased automation tools, like workflow automations and smart contact data, which auto-populates your profile of each lead with data from their online activity.

Advanced is a well-priced option for an ambitious team that needs a steamlined communication process for cultivating leads, particularly over email.

Pipedrive Professional Plan

  • Group emailing
  • Custom fields/reports
  • Revenue forecast reports
  • Team management tools
  • Team goals
  • Security dashboard, alerts, and rules
  • 60 workflow automations
  • 3 sets of user permissions

Pipedrive’s Professional plan costs $49.90 per user per month when billed annually, and $59 per month billed monthly.

You’ll get a few extra email-related features with this plan — group emailing, eSignatures, and Caller, which lets you place and record sales calls over the internet — but the big perks are in the expanded reporting and automation tools: Custom fields and reports, revenue forecasting, and the ability to organize users into team groups with team-specific goals. Security features are also added, including a security dashboard with alerts, rules, and advanced deal and contact visibility settings.

Professional is a good fit for large and growing teams who need to take advantage of every automation tool available to them in order to grow revenues that much faster. It’s not cheap, but it’s the most cost-effective plan for a business that can take full advantage of it.

Pipedrive Enterprise Plan

  • Unlimited user permissions
  • 24/7 phone support, not just chat
  • 100 workflow automations

Pipedrive’s Enterprise plan costs $99 per user per month, billed annually — there’s no month-to-month payment option with this plan. It’s also the only plan with a 10-user minimum, meaning that the true starting cost is $990 per month.

For the most part, Enterprise doesn’t add a host of new features. You’ll still get everything from the Professional plan of course, as well as higher caps or even unlimited access to tools like workflow automations and user permissions. This is the only plan that offers phone support as well as chat support. Given the large price hike required, the Enterprise plan is unlikely to be the best option for your business.

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Does Pipedrive have a free plan?

No, Pipedrive does not offer a permanent free plan for its CRM.

A free trial is available for all but the Enterprise plan, however, giving users a 14-day period to try out the features and interface. The free trial won’t require any credit card information to set up, either — ensuring that you won’t be surprised with an autorenewal like that one time you tried out HBO Max.

Permanent free plans aren’t the norm in CRM software, but they aren’t rare either. A few top services that include free plans are Apptivo, HubSpot, and Zoho, though all come with limited features and support for just a handful of users or contacts. But a lack of a free plan doesn’t mean that CRM alternatives aren’t worth considering.

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Pipedrive: deal added

Who Is Pipedrive Best For?

For starters, Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM, which means it exclusively offers features designed to help sales teams reach clients, convert leads, and make sales. Subsequently, if you’re looking for helpdesk software or a CRM for marketing, you’re going to need to look elsewhere.

If you are a sales business looking for a CRM, Pipedrive is a very solid choice. It offers some of the best reporting and analytic tools in our research, and its pipeline-driven interface is easy to use thanks to the drag and drop editor. On top of that, it offers some serious functionality in its Essential plan, which costs only $14.90 per user, per month, so you can get started at a low price.

This makes Pipedrive an excellent option for small and medium-sized businesses that prefer the pipeline-style interface, as you don’t have to spend too much to get core sales CRM functionality, like contact data base features and robust analytics.

Conversely, Pipedrive isn’t ideal for larger businesses or businesses that plan to scale into enterprise-level companies in the near future. In fact, Pipedrive scored only a 3.2/5 in our scalability rankings, which put it squarely in seventh place behind the likes of Zoho CRM, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

While functionality is impressive with the inexpensive plans, the enterprise-level plans don’t add much when it comes to lead capture, lead communication, or lead conversion. Worse, many features required an additional fee, so you’ll end up paying even more in the long run.

CRM Alternatives

Knowing a software’s pricing is one thing, but to really get a clear picture of its worth, you’ll need to compare it against its competitors. Granted, it’s tough to make an apples-to-apples comparison, given that each service has a different interface, focus, and suite of integrations with other business software you might use. The best CRM for a small business won’t look like the best CRM for an international corporation, for example.

Here, we’ll quickly walk you through the prices and abilities you’ll get from a handful of the top Pipedrive CRM alternatives available today. But first, check out this table to get an overview of what each service has to offer and for what monthly cost.

Zoho CRM – From $14/month

Zoho’s pricing starts at the industry-low cost of just $14 per user per month, billed annually, and goes as high as $52 per user per month. Billed monthly, it’s not nearly as cheap, starting at $20/user/month instead.

Zoho CRM offers not just a free plan (capped at three users), but also includes a 15-day free trial available for all of its paid plans as well. The free plan is one of the best free CRMs for a tiny business with no plans to grow significantly, but lacks the automations, customizability, and storage a growing company would benefit from. Additionally, we consider Zoho CRM to be the absolute best option for small businesses, thanks to its plentiful features and ease of use, plus the reasonable price tag.

Check out our Zoho CRM vs Pipedrive comparison guide for more information

Freshsales Suite – From $15/month

Freshsales Suite is Freshdesk’s dedicated small business CRM and it provides a lot when it comes to sales and marketing. You’ll enjoy a customizable platform that is still easy to use, all while offering a wide range of features that can help you achieve your goals as a small business. It doesn’t offer support options though, so as long as you only need sales and marketing, it’s own of our top-rated CRM platforms for small businesses.

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Salesforce – From $25/month

Salesforce is a market leader in CRM, thanks to frequent updates, a responsive customer support team, and an absolutely packed featureset. The cheapest Salesforce plan starts at $25 per user per month, twice the starting price of Pipedrive, and that cost increases to $300 for the most expensive plan. Still, it’s a popular service, and many swear by it.

Salesforce charges for its service using “Clouds” (Sales, Service, Marketing, and bundle combining both Sales and Service), each of which comes in four different tiers. Sounds complex? It is. Check out our guide to Salesforce pricing for the full rundown.

Hubspot – From $45/month

Another top service (particularly for marketers), Hubspot’s pricing starts at $45 per month, meaning it offers a more narrow range than other CRMs. Like Salesforce, Hubspot groups its features by Service, Sales, and Marketing, with $50 getting you access to just one of those Hubs, although all three are bundled for $68/user/month.

The free plan has stripped-down features, but it’s free forever, making it a risk-free way to dip your toe into the interface.

Pipedrive Pricing FAQs

No, Pipedrive is available with an internet connection on a web browser and can be used offline through either its iOS or Android mobile app, but it doesn’t not have a application for offline desktop use. It does offer a real-time syncing ability with its mobile app, so any updates made on the mobile app will be applied as soon as the mobile device is back online.

All Pipedrive plans offer integrations for both contact and calendar sync with Google and Microsoft, as well as further Google integrations: A Chrome extension for Gmail, and Google Drive sync. In addition, it offers an app marketplace with over 150 more integrations with other common business software.

No, the Pipedrive CRM has no permanent free plan. They offer a free 14-day trial, but that’s it.

Yes, Pipedrive offers the core CRM features any business needs, and as its plans get more expensive, also includes the granular functionality needed to help a large operation operate in smaller teams on the same platform. Prices are in line with the industry average, although it can’t hurt to check out a few of the larger competitors: Salesforce and Hubspot are a few big names that offer a great value as well.

Pipedrive is a CRM, or customer relationship management, software. It helps businesses manage their contacts and leads, guiding the business’s team through the process of closing deals with leads. A good CRM should offer a main dashboard that can guide users to profiles of their leads, communication channels, and reports, among others. Customization, automation, and integrations with other business softwares are also important — they all help streamline a business’s revenue growth.

Yes, Pipedrive offers an Outlook integration through its app marketplace. If you have any Pipedrive plan, you’ll be able to add your Outlook account and automatically sync contacts, deals, notes, activities, and email across both platforms.

That’s a wrap on “ Pipedrive Pricing – How Much Does Pipedrive Cost? ” We hope you’ve found a trove of useful insights and fresh perspectives. Your opinions and ideas matter to us—join the conversation below and share your take! Hungry for more tech insights? Dive into our diverse collection of articles where innovation meets practicality. Discover More CRM Softwares.

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