KoalaWriter Review: AI-Powered SEO Content At A Great Price?

In today’s digital world, creating high-quality, SEO-optimized content is essential for businesses looking to improve their online visibility and attract organic traffic. However, this process can be time-consuming and costly. Enter KoalaWriter, an AI-powered SEO content platform that promises to deliver exceptional writing at a fraction of the cost. With its advanced algorithms and user-friendly interface, KoalaWriter aims to revolutionize the way businesses approach content creation. In this review, we will explore the key features, benefits, and pricing of KoalaWriter to determine if it truly lives up to its claims of being a great value for AI-powered SEO content.

In this KoalaWriter review, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at KoalaWriter; one of the newest AI writing tools on the block. Its ability to create high-quality content coupled with its pocket-friendly price point is already capturing people’s attention, but does it live up to the hype?

In a rush? Here’s a quick TLDR of the review:

KoalaWriter is one of the best AI writing assistants we’ve tried. As well as creating quality content in no time, KoalaWriter handles the SEO for you by analyzing the top 100 results ranking for your chosen keyword and extracting the most topically relevant words to use in your content.

At a fraction of the cost of other AI writing tools, it should definitely be on your list. KoalaWriter even offers a 5,000-word free trial, so it’s worth testing the waters if you’re on the fence.

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Koalawriter Review: Overview

Screenshot of the Koalawriter home page for this Koalawriter review.

If you’re looking for an AI content writer that helps you create high-quality long-form content, then looking at KoalaWriter is a must.

Its aim is to offer the best possible AI blogging tool, and they have a range of features that are helping to make this happen.

If you have looked into AI writing software in any form, then you have probably stumbled across GPT4 – the newest version of AI writing software that has a number of technological advances compared to previous versions of the software. KoalaWriter does make use of this technology. However, when you come to use it, you’ll see that it operates very differently. Because of this, it gives you a different quality of writing when you look at your finished articles.

The idea behind Koalawriter is that you can create SEO-optimized content at the click of a button. However, it also has features such as choosing the tone of voice for your content. This helps to ensure that anything you create using KoalaWriter stays on brand. The technology behind KoalaWriter surpasses many of the AI writing options out there, with a range of features that can help make your content creation as easy as possible. 

How is KoalaWriter Different from Other AI Writing Tools?

AI writing tools aren’t brand new, but they are a developing technology that is always changing and improving. So what exactly is it that helps KoalaWriter stand out from the rest when it comes to AI writing tool options?

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As you might imagine from a piece of software that says it aims to be the best possible AI writer out there, it has some unique features that you won’t see elsewhere. For example, when you create content with KoalaWriter, you can opt to pull data directly from the internet.

This puts you a step ahead of content creators that use ChatGPT to create their content because the data here stops in 2021. This means content can quickly be inaccurate or out of date. 

With features such as integrating with WordPress and being able to write things like Amazon product descriptions KoalaWriter is well known for having features and benefits that other AI writing software options simply don’t provide. 

Koalawriter’s Main Features

KoalaWriter has an impressive range of features that its users can take advantage of. The idea behind KoalaWriter is to make your writing process quicker and easy, so it makes sense that there are a range of features to help make this happen.

Some of the free tools they have available for users to make use of include:

  • Title Generator. Create SEO-friendly titles for blog posts and articles with the click of a button.
  • Meta Description Generator. Ensure your Meta descriptions are not only interesting but also hit the spot with what is needed for great SEO.
  • YouTube Summary Generator. Write accurate summaries for any YouTube videos, saving you time and helping to increase video views.
  • Content. With both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 being on offer, you can be sure that you get informative and engaging long-form blog posts.
  • Algorithms. KoalaWriter uses advanced machine learning algorithms which learn what you want and adapt future content accordingly.
  • AI-Powered SEO. If you’re looking to make content that ranks, then you’ll be glad to know that SEO-friendly content is created quickly and easily within the KoalaWriter dashboard.

KoalaChat is another amazing feature included in all paid plans. It’s like ChatGPT, but better.

KoalaChat works in a similar way to ChatGPT, but the main thing that sets it apart is that it is trained by Koala with in-depth information on specific topics, and it uses real-time data. This means you can be sure that the answers you are getting are relevant and factually correct. It can be used for both personal and business applications.

Is KoalaWriter Easy to Use?

KoalaWriter is extremely easy to use.  From the moment you sign up for a plan, you are guided through the process of creating a blog post using KoalaWriter’s prompts. Simply fill in the form, adding the type of content you want to create and your target keyword.

You can also choose things like language, tone of voice and even the GPT version you want to use, but again, these are made incredibly easy to choose from as you can just use dropdown menus to pick the route you want your blog post to take.

Koalawriter is designed to make writing blog posts feel effortless, and it has pretty much nailed it in that respect. You can generate a high-quality article that search engines will love in seconds. And, in most cases, there is no way you would know that this content has been written by AI and not by a human writer.

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Take a look at what it generated based on my keyword ‘Best Places to Visit in England’.

Not bad for AI, right?

I was really pleased with this intro, and honestly, it has done a better job than many freelance writers I have worked with in the past—at a fraction of the cost! I also liked that I could choose the article’s point of view (first person, second person, or third person), which was helpful.

You can also choose whether you include an FAQ section or Key Takeaways from your article, which is a nice touch.

Basically, KoalaWriter makes writing blog posts super easy. This innovative platform can even handle the SEO optimization for you by analyzing the top 100 search results and extracting the most topically relevant keywords to use in the article.

KoalaWriter Review: The Pros and Cons

As you might imagine, when you speak to people about KoalaWriter, there are various pros and cons that are mentioned. The great news is that there aren’t many cons, as KoalaWriter seems to be something that is positively received by most people who use it.


  • Great for writing blog posts
  • Minimal editing required
  • User friendly interface
  • Generate your first 5,000 words for free
  • Options to use both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4
  • Automatic internal or external linking from relevant anchor text
  • Real-time search data can be used as part of their new Beta version
  • Generate the outline of the article before going ahead with the whole post
  • Affordable even for those on a tight budget


  • Some articles have a high percentage of plagiarism
  • You will still need to edit and fact check content before publishing

Customer Service and Support

One thing that KoalaWriter does well is offer a range of support tools for its users. The Support Centre on its website offers immediate access to a range of articles, tools, and tutorials to help users troubleshoot any problems they have with the software. Not only that, but a range of these articles and blogs have tutorials on how to get started with using the tool and creating the best possible content. 

You also have the option to submit a support ticket to the KoalaWriter team if there is a question you have that you can’t find the answer to. Support tickets submitted via the website generally get a response within a few hours.

You can also get help through their Discord, where they’re very active and aim to offer help and advice via their channel too. The KoalaWriter customer support team also appears to be active on social media, which means that users can reach out via Twitter and Facebook and get a response to any queries they also have.

The fact that their customer support is easy to contact definitely bodes well for the longevity of their software – because no one wants to battle with getting help and advice if they get stuck. 

KoalaWriter Pricing

Koalawriter review Pricing page screenshot

Perhaps one of the best things about KoalaWriter is the fact that pricing plans start from just $9/month. This means that it’s an affordable option for anyone who wants to make use of an AI writer. Their current packages include:

  • Essentials – $9/month. Up to 15,000 words per month (and 250 messages if you’re using KoalaChat)
  • Starter – $25/month. Up to 45,000 words per month (and 500 messages if you’re using KoalaChat)
  • Professional – $49/month. Up to 100,000 words per month (and 1000 messages if you’re using KoalaChat)
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They also have a range of packages for those that have a need for bulk content each month.

  • Scale 1 – $750/month. Up to 2,500,000 words per month (and 15,000 messages if you’re using KoalaChat)
  • Scale 2 – $1,250/month. Up to 5,000,000 words per month (and 20,000 messages if you’re using KoalaChat)
  • Scale 3 – $2,000/month. Up to 10,000,000 words per month (and 25,000 messages if you’re using KoalaChat)

KoalaWriter Alternatives

If, after reading this KoalaWriter review, you’re still undecided, take a look at these alternatives. Some of the most popular KoalaWriter alternatives include:


When it comes to AI writing software, Jasper is probably one of the most well-known. It’s gained a reputation for being able to help users create great content in terms of blog posts, social media posts, and even long-form articles.

This valuable tool makes creating content of all types easy and even has a built-in AI image generator, which not many other AI writing tools offer. Read our full Jasper review to find out more about this amazing tool.

Try Jasper for Free Right Here


With the option to return up to 10 results at once, CopyAI is great for those that want to create bulk content quickly and easily.

It offers the chance to create everything from product descriptions and headlines to social media posts and blog posts. It is a great option for those new to AI writers because it has a free option to get started with.

Have a read of our in-depth CopyAI review.

Try CopyAI Here


Rytr is another popular AI tool that is definitely worth looking at if you are interested in AI writing software.

With options to write both emails and blog posts, as well as a range of content in between, it’s an excellent option for those looking for software that can act as an all-rounder.

Check out our full Rytr review for more info.

Try Rytr Here

Koalawriter Review: The Verdict

If you are looking for an AI writer that you can use to produce high-quality content for your niche sites, you should definitely give KoalaWriter a go. There are no other AI writers at this price point that offer AI-powered SERP analysis to help your content rank. It really is fantastic value.

KoalaWriter has such an easy and simple layout to use that getting to grips with how to use it should be pretty simple for anyone—even complete beginners. The content it produces is fab too, and at such a low price point, you should take advantage of it while you can.

Try KoalaWriter Here for Free

That concludes the article: KoalaWriter Review: AI-Powered SEO Content At A Great Price?
I hope this article has provided you with valuable knowledge. If you find it useful, feel free to leave a comment and recommend our website!
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