7 Best AI Video Maker Tools to Help Spread Your Message

In today’s digital age, video content has become one of the most effective ways to communicate and spread messages to a wide audience. However, creating professional-quality videos can be a daunting task, especially for those without extensive technical skills or resources. That is where AI video maker tools come in handy. These innovative tools utilize artificial intelligence technology to simplify the video creation process, allowing anyone to produce compelling and engaging videos effortlessly. In this article, we will explore the seven best AI video maker tools available today, each offering unique features and capabilities to help individuals and businesses effectively convey their messages to the world. Whether you are a marketer, content creator, or simply someone looking to share your ideas, these AI video maker tools are sure to revolutionize your video production experience.

We’re talking AI video maker generators in this post! Videos are an important part of marketing. Adding video marketing to your overall marketing strategy is all about capturing a moment on film and sharing it with an audience for the purpose of driving conversions. It’s pretty effective and something consumers want to see more of.

With the introduction of AI tools to the market, it can be easier than ever now.

In this article, I’ll share 7 of the best AI video maker generators online today.

Learn about:

  1. Synthesia
  2. Pictory
  3. Peech
  4. Elai
  5. Descript
  6. Veed
  7. Invideo

Read about how they work, features, pricing, and more.

Let’s go!

Best AI Video Makers

According to this study, 91% of consumers want to see more videos from brands. But video marketing can be challenging. It can be time-intensive and expensive to film, edit, and publish videos.

If you’re struggling to choose the best AI video maker to create video for your business, this list will make the process easier. We’ve rounded up 7 different AI video maker generators. Learn what they are, how they work, and why they’re great.

1. Synthesia


With Synthesia AI video maker, you can create professional videos in as little as 15 minutes. You can choose from hundreds of their avatars, creating a custom video with no equipment needed.

  • Turn text into speech
  • 120 different languages
  • 100+ avatars (including custom avatars)
  • Dozens of video templates

The pre-made templates from this video generator tool help you cut down the time to create your sales video, business video, pitch deck, and more.

How To Use Synthesia

Use Synthesia to create any kind of video you want. Keep your audience interested and engaged by using the various video features Synthesia offers.

You can make videos like:

  • Video presentations
  • Social media videos
  • Product reviews
  • Video demonstrations
  • How-to video guides

Who Is Synthesia For?

Synthesia is for companies, small businesses, and larger companies alike.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs like content creators and social media marketers use Synthesia for:

  • Product reviews
  • Product demos, and
  • Social media marketing videos, to name a few uses
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Mid-size and large companies use Synthesia to create:

  • Knowledge base videos
  • Technical training guides for team members and customers and,
  • Sales training

If you need professional-level videos created, Synthesia is a great tool to use.

Check out our full, in-depth Synthesia.io review.

Pricing starts at $22.50/month.

Learn More About Synthesia

2. Pictory

Pictory is an AI video editor that helps you create short videos from your long-form content. YouTubers and their creators that want to repurpose their videos for TikTok or Instagram can use Pictory to create short video clips instantly (don’t miss our full Pictory AI review).

They use artificial intelligence to extract the best parts of your long-form videos to convert them to new, short-form video content for whatever need you have!

You can also transform blog posts into video, turn sales scripts into video, add auto-captions, and more.

Here are the features:

  • Video editing with text
  • Auto-summarize long videos
  • Script to video
  • Blog post to video
  • Auto caption videos
  • Auto transcribe videos

How To Use Pictory AI

Use Pictory AI to convert your long-form video to a shorter-form video clip. Use this shorter video to share on social media, like for YouTube shorts or TikTok, for marketing purposes, on your sales page or website, and for other purposes.

You can also go from blog post to video and script to video, pairing it with Pictory’s features like video highlights, transcription, and other features.

Who Uses Pictory AI?

Pictory is for creators, whether you’re a YouTuber, blogger, course creator, or social media marketer.

Their free trial gets you 3 video projects up to 10 minutes long. Paid plans start at $19/month.

Go to Pictory to Learn More

3. Peech


Peech AI is for creating marketing videos. This AI marketing platform is for marketing teams that use content marketing as a part of their advertising strategy.

With Peech, you can:

  • Generate unlimited videos
  • Scale your video-making process
  • Create webinars
  • Make testimonial videos
  • Use for podcasts and studios

How To Use Peech

Use Peech to create visually stunning, unique videos in seconds, including features like auto-generated subtitles and highlight keywords.

There are a ton of different uses for Peech, all with marketing in mind. You can get a high-quality video created with virtually no video editing skills or experience needed.

Who Uses Peech?

Peech is for marketers, plain and simple. Their aim is to help marketing professionals make great marketing videos. So, if you’re a digital marketer, content marketer, or otherwise work in marketing, Peech is for you.

With a tight focus on marketing, that means you’ll work with a video maker software that aims to help your industry create the best marketing-based videos ever.

Pricing starts at $54 per seat per month. There’s a free plan as well, with limited access and watermarked videos.

4. Elai

Elai is an AI video maker you can use to create professional-level, stunnding video in minutes without equipment. They’re one of the only AI tools that let you create videos from text (check out our list of the best AI movie generators).

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They use artificial intelligence to help you build your custom videos.

Elai is great for people who need to create videos at scale, like:

  • Explainer videos
  • Cartoon avatars
  • Real estate videos
  • An HR Onboarding process
  • E-commerce content
  • E-learning content, and more

How Do You Use Elai?

Use Elai to create your AI videos from text. In minutes, you can create presenter-style videos, no equipment needed.

First, sign into your Elai account. Next, create your video by choosing your AI avatar, adding slides, including speech text, and customizing as you wish!

Features like voice cloning, auto translations, avatars, and various templates are available to make the video creation process easy and custom to your needs.

Who Is Elai For?

Elai has a variety of use cases. Professionals like HR Managers, real estate agents, and marketers use Elai for presentation videos. Businesses and entrepreneurs use Elai for educational-based, how-to video guides, and sales videos.

Elai offers over 35 different avatars to give you plenty of options for your AI-generated video. You can even get a custom AI avatar created, so if you want to create yourself into an avatar for video presentations, you can!

Elai offers a free trial, and paid plans start at $23/month.

Head to Elai for More

Best AI Video Editors

For AI video editing these AI video editors make the editing process a breeze. They include intuitive features, editing for multiple uses, made with beginners in mind.

5. Descript


Descript calls itself an all-in-one video and podcast editing tool. Here are some of the things you can do with this AI video editing tool:

  • Video editing
  • Podcasting
  • Screen recording
  • Transcription
  • Creating clips
  • Publishing

They offer a teams-friendly option called Descript for Work. It’s built to make internal collaboration and communication a smooth process when using the tool.

How To Use Descript

Descript all-in-one editor uses the power of AI to take care of all the complex, tedious side of video editing. Descript says if you’re ever typed anything, then you know how to use Descript. Here’s an example of how your typing turns into transcribed AI-created videos you can arrange slide by slide.

You’ll be able to do things like:

  • Clone your voice
  • Remove filler words
  • Access a template library and stock images to make your videos stand out

Who Uses Descript?

Descript is for creators and businesses. Anybody that needs a professional-looking video production and editing AI tool would benefit from using Descript (but be sure to check out our full Descript review to learn more).

  • Podcasters
  • Content creators
  • Journalists
  • Marketers

Descript offers a free plan, which would be a good fit for hobbyists who need no more than an hour a month with Descript. Paid plans start at $12 per user per month.

Learn More About Descript

6. Veed

Veed is an AI video maker and editor for people who need professional-looking videos created. They are an all-in-one tool offering tools for marketing, social media, education, business, and more.

Use Veed for:

  • Subtitles and translations
  • Creating marketing and social media videos
  • Screen recording
  • Video meetings
  • Record sales videos and more
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How Does Veed Work?

Veed is a video maker and editor. Use it to create videos for whatever purpose you have, from social media promo videos, mockups, animations, cartoons, etc.

Upload your video to Veed and edit it by adding audio, optimizing the video’s performance, splitting, trimming, and adding effects like subtitles.

Veed also offers hosting, along with the ability to compress and convert videos to any format.

Who Is Veed For?

Veed is for creators. If you use video in your business, whether you’re a video editor, a marketing professional, a small business owner, or you have a YouTube video business, Veed can help you with your video generation needs.

Use Veed for all kinds of videos, like:

  • Intros and Outros
  • Screen recording
  • Photo videos
  • Cartoon making
  • Creating collages

Veed offers a free plan with limited usage, mainly for one-off projects less than 10 minutes long. Paid plans start at $18/month.

Learn More About Veed Here!

7. InVideo


InVideo is a template-based online video creator and video editor that makes the video creation and editing process easy. With the use of their 5,000+ templates, you can make a video on just about anything, from YouTube videos to ads, social media videos, and more.

How Does InVideo Work?

Choose a template, upload your content, edit and animate your video. And you’re done!

InVideo is an online video maker home to millions of premium stock videos you can access to create professionally-created, engaging video, with no editing skills needed.

They offer features like:

  • A video template library for YouTube videos, intros and outros, social media videos, ads, and more
  • Article-to-video conversion
  • Text-to-speech conversion

Who Is InVideo For?

InVideo is geared toward content creators, marketers, and businesses.

Content creators like YouTubers and social media influencers need to be able to create captivating, engaging videos on demand.

Marketers use video to attract leads and acquire customers, brand build, and create product demonstrations and video ads.

Businesses create videos for marketing purposes, knowledge-based videos, product tutorials, how-to guides, and other purposes. It can also be used for staffing and new employee onboarding.

If you need to create and enhance your videos in a user-friendly, cost-effective way, InVideo can be a solution.

Invideo’s lifetime pricing starts at $399 (one-time).

Bottom Line

You have plenty of options to create quality videos with the AI video makers and AI video editors here. You’ll like that these video tools are user-friendly and easy to use. You don’t need to know complex video creation or editing skills to master the use of these AI video creation and editing tools.

Consider your needs, features, and pricing to choose the best AI video maker for you.

Which tool will you be choosing?

Check out other video marketing tools in this article.

That concludes the article: 7 Best AI Video Maker Tools to Help Spread Your Message
I hope this article has provided you with valuable knowledge. If you find it useful, feel free to leave a comment and recommend our website!
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